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Christina Wright

College Counseling

  • concierge college counseling services


We are living in the most volatile time period in the history of college admissions.


You have questions. 


Are schools truly test-optional?


Does being a legacy applicant still mean something?

Should you use AI to write your application essay? (Answer: NO!)

How is it possible that certain schools, like my alma mater, are only admitting 3% of applicants? Is EVERY institution this selective?

What are the right schools to apply to? (That depends on the student!)

I have answers. I have seen everything and then some when it comes to this process. 

Utilize my 20 years of experience on both sides of the admissions desk.

I'm an Ivy League graduate - Columbia University, 2003.

My clients have been admitted to the most selective institutions in the United States.

I'm a published writer and editor. 

I have visited countless college campuses both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. In fact, during the height of COVID, my son (who was five years old at the time) and I took a month-long road trip where we visited twenty campuses throughout the US (while masked, of course). And in January 2023 I traveled to Scotland where I visited University of Edinburgh and St. Andrews University.

Having lived throughout the United States, I am familiar with and have helped students gain acceptance into all kinds of places--large research institutions, small liberal arts schools, highly selective Ivy League universities, specialized fine arts colleges, accelerated BS/MD programs, and more--across the country.


Growing up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, with a mom who was a college counselor meant that every family vacation included a walk through the destination's nearby college campuses. After graduating with a BA in English from Columbia University in New York City in 2003, I was a college counselor at Collegewise in Irvine, California, from 2005-2007, an admissions officer at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from 2007-2012, and a remote member of Beijing, China's, Due West Education Council. Helping students brainstorm and share their unique stories is one particular area of my expertise, allowing me to use my English major on a daily basis when working with students on their personal statements and other college application essays. I also have two graduate degrees from Marquette: an MA in Political Science and a Graduate Certificate in Digital Storytelling.


Ultimately, I love helping students of all backgrounds find, apply to, and get accepted by colleges that fit them best. 


Location is no barrier to getting the assistance you need; I work with students throughout the United States and abroad. I take the time to get to know each individual person, and then I assist my clients with finding their best-matched colleges, brainstorming and editing the essays, preparing for interviews, mapping out the testing calendar, connecting with the right people at each college, and so much more.


When someone chooses me as their college counselor, I am by their side the entire way.

What sets me apart?

I am a published writer and editor, and my work has been featured in a variety of magazines and highly trafficked blogs--I served as the associate editor of Country Woman and Farm & Ranch Living magazines, and I have contributed frequently to Swim Swam News and FloSwimming, the two most popular swimming blogs. I also spent two years as the Director of Communications at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA) where I was responsible for writing the MOWA News magazine and all promotional materials. 

I help my clients with writing and editing needs, and as a writing tutor. With my graduate degree in Digital Storytelling from Marquette University, I know how to tell each client's story in a captivating way. 



"Christina was amazing, especially her support with essay writing! Sitting in India and trying to navigate US college admissions was tough, but Christina helped make the process so smooth. She helped with every bit of the application process, from narrowing down my college list to writing essays to negotiating my financial aid offer. I don't think I would have gotten into the schools I did without her guidance."

Shreya, Class of 2023, attending Rice University



"Christina advised me as I narrowed down my school choices, helped me in developing a timeline and plan to complete all of my essays by September, and provided invaluable feedback and information to optimize all aspects of my applications. She was extremely accessible and timely with her feedback. Her assistance directed impacted my acceptance to my #1 choice - Boston College!"

Josh, Class of 2022, attending Boston College (accepted Early Decision)


"Christina is fantastic! The summer before my senior year, I had no knowledge of the college admissions process. Christina helped me research and build a college list and map out tours to decide on which schools I would apply to. By fall, she helped me brainstorm, develop, and edit a unique personal statement, as well as fill out the rest of the application. She helped me utilize spaces of the Common Application to highlight every aspect of my academic, extracurricular, and personal achievements and end with the best product possible. She also guided me through the numerous supplemental essays and helped me leverage these to tailor my application to specific schools. Christina consistently offered personal guidance and knowledgeable responses to the many (many) questions I asked. I was admitted to 13 colleges and have accepted a spot in the Duke University, Class of 2025— I could not have done this without the help of Christina!"

Mason, Class of 2021, attending Duke University

"Christina helped me to get into New York University, which had been my dream school for years. With her continued guidance and feedback I was able to write a unique and professional essay that made me stand out from all of the other applicants. She helped me find a tutor for the ACT and she kept me focused on my end goal. Christina showed me the most important parts of the application and how to use my life experiences to show NYU who I am. Her guidance through the application process was the difference between acceptance and rejection. I would highly recommend working with Christina; she will help you every step of the way!"

Sophia, Class of 2021, attending New York University (accepted Early Decision)


"Christina is a God-send! Her expertise made her an invaluable resource to novice parents during our first son’s college application process and assured that he was admitted early action to his first choice school - University of Wisconsin - Madison. Turning the process over to her to keep our son on track with application deadlines saved countless ‘battles’ and headaches. She helped him prepare an application that presented his achievements and activities in the best possible way - to convey a well-rounded and successful student. She particularly helped him come up with a personally meaningful theme for his application essay, resulting in an engaging final essay in his own unique voice, far beyond what he could have achieved on his own. We are currently in the process of hiring her for our daughter, which is probably the strongest proof of our belief in her worth as a partner in the college application process!"

Dawn, proud parent of a University of Wisconsin Badger, Class of 2020

"My daughter got into Princeton, and it was completely due to Christina's guidance. Christina is awesome: extremely knowledgeable about the admission process. She is the best and you cannot go wrong with her!" 

Shuba, mother of Sreeta, Class of 2020, attending Princeton University

"Christina helped me immensely with several facets of my college application process. Whether it was helping me find websites that I could use to research schools and find the ones I wanted to apply to, helping me create a schedule to keep myself on track to meet deadlines, or reviewing my essays with me to make sure they were clear and concise, I know I wouldn’t have had as much success getting into the schools I wanted without her assistance. I highly recommend her to anyone searching for that kind of in-depth application advisement."

Ian, Class of 2019, attending University of Wisconsin - Madison


"Christina was extremely helpful. I have done this two ways now, once for my eldest not using anyone, and once with Ella using Christina. What a difference. She was excellent. She was calm, gave Ella deadlines, and I was able to just ride the whole process as Ella’s support instead of constantly being on her about the timeline. Ella wrote her essays and then Christina was able to fine-tune them. The other huge difference I noticed between my two girls was that Ella was more relaxed knowing that Christina was on top of things. The whole thing was a breeze. Ella got in to a great school and we are thrilled. Go with Christina you won’t regret it."

Robin, mother of Ella, Class of 2019, attending University of Virginia


"Christina was a great college counselor and helped me get into every school I applied to! She guided me and helped me manage my time very well. I was never stressed during my college application process because she gave me such good time management advice and always helped me hold myself accountable to deadlines. She also guided me towards the best essay topics that expressed who I am. She was creative in thinking of topics when I told her about myself, and proofread everything I wrote, giving me advice on how to improve. Christina was great to work with and I’m very thankful to her for helping me through my whole college application process."

Cameron, Class of 2019, attending University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill


"Christina was an instrumental part of my college application process. She helped me rewrite my Common Application essay, and she helped me convey my personality in a coherent way. She provided guidance for ways to get my ideas and my voice across. She edited every supplemental essay that I wrote, and I was able to include important details about the schools on my list; this boosted my chances of admission. She also helped me to narrow down the schools I applied to and offered suggestions about other schools that might be a good fit." 

Jordan, Class of 2018, attending Columbia University 

"Christina's essay brainstorming and editing skills helped me write an incredible college essay that I was extremely proud of. She also edited several supplemental essays for the many colleges that I applied to. Without her help, I do not think my essays would have been as strong as they were. She gave me a lot more confidence than I initially had during the application process. My college applications all had positive outcomes. Christina helped me get accepted into my dream school, Lafayette College, a goal I had been working toward all of high school. Seeing the acceptance letter gave me the greatest feeling of accomplishment, and I am not sure I would have been able to pull it off without Christina's advice and great help on the essays."

Aaron, Class of 2018, attending Lafayette College

"I had three different guidance counselors at my school in three years, so it was refreshing to find Christina, and she helped get me into my first choice college. Not only did she help me to complete my applications and write a polished essay, she also helped me improve my organizational and time management skills. All in all, she made the college application process smooth and much less stressful than it would have been without her help." 

Benjamin, Class of 2018, attending University of Denver


"Christina's assistance during the application process significantly reduced my stress; I could rely on her to answer my questions," Maya, Class of 2017, attending Carnegie Mellon University. "Brainstorming my personal statement and supplemental essays gave me confidence. She also gave me great tips on how to conduct myself during a college interview and visit. I will continue to use her advice for future interviews."


"Christina helped me so much with the entire college application process. From helping me decide which colleges to apply to, to her assistance with the college application essay, she made the process stress-free. I am very grateful to her," Leila, Class of 2017, attending Wellesley College (accepted Early Decision)


“Christina helped me brainstorm essays that showed my unique personality in a way that would appeal favorably to the colleges I was applying to,” Emily, Class of 2016, attending New York University (accepted Early Decision)

“She has a wealth of knowledge about different colleges and the college application process. She was a huge help editing the many essays I had to write and she made sure I met all of my deadlines,” Kristin, Class of 2016, attending Macalester College (accepted Early Decision). “Christina helped me find colleges that I liked so that I wasn't blindly applying to random schools. She answered all of my questions about the college application process.”

“Christina helped to make my college application process easy and stress-free,” Jake, Class of 2016, attending Ohio State University – Honors College. “Without her help I would have struggled to finish all of my applications and essays on time.”

"Christina was very helpful in terms of making the process manageable and not overwhelming. It was actually fun and exciting!" Lindsay, Class of 2016, attending University of Wisconsin-Madison

Contact Christina

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

646-319-0327 (My NYC area code provides a memory of my college days at Columbia.)

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