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I'm uniquely qualified to help you navigate the admissions process. 



attending Cornell University

"Christina has been such an excellent guide throughout the entire search and application college process.


She was super helpful in helping me find schools that fit my specific criteria.


Her critiques of my essays added so much nuance and detail to really elevate them to a point where I felt like I was fully expressing myself through my applications.

It was so beneficial to have her advising me on details of the process that I otherwise would never have considered, and she provided such an awesome perspective in helping me build my application!"



attending Villanova University

"Christina Wright was invaluable during my college search and application journey. Her guidance, insight, knowledge and support was amazing. I appreciate all of the help she provided during my high school years. I had many acceptances and I couldn’t have done it without her. The college search can be scary and overwhelming, but Christina broke it down and guided me through every step.

Her knowledge about schools and what they look for in a prospective student helped me tremendously with my application.

She assisted with all the small details, while being encouraging and supportive. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with the college search and application process."


attending Northeastern University

"I came into this process with a lot of ideas about colleges and essays, but Christina helped me see what was really going to work for me.


She helped me curate an application that highlighted my strengths, and was extremely beneficial in terms of editing my essays.

Her system of organization and deadlines was beyond helpful; it made the process so much easier to navigate and complete. My application and results would not have been the same without Christina's guidance. "


of a student attending  

University of Wisconsin


"Christina is a God-send! Her expertise made her an invaluable resource to novice parents during our first son’s college application process and assured that he was admitted early action to his first choice school - University of Wisconsin - Madison. Turning the process over to her to keep our son on track with application deadlines saved countless ‘battles’ and headaches.

She helped him prepare an application that presented his achievements and activities in the best possible way - to convey a well-rounded and successful student. She particularly helped him come up with a personally meaningful theme for his application essay, resulting in an engaging final essay in his own unique voice, far beyond what he could have achieved on his own. We are currently in the process of hiring her for our daughter, which is probably the strongest proof of our belief in her worth as a partner in the college application process!"



attending Rice University

Christina was amazing, especially her support with essay writing!


Sitting in India and trying to navigate US college admissions was tough, but Christina helped make the process so smooth. 

She helped with every bit of the application process, from narrowing down my college list to writing essays to negotiating my financial aid offer. I don't think I would have gotten into the schools I did without her guidance."


of a student attending

University of St Andrews UK


“We have enjoyed working with Christina Wright for college counseling.

We can’t imagine going through such a trying and important process without someone like Christina in our corner. She was pivotal helping our daughter develop a core list of colleges and universities that would suite her social and academic needs.

She brought up schools we never would have thought of and stays lazer focused on fit and guidance over prestige. At an age where teens are tuning out their parents Christina was able to connect with our daughter and get her to do tasks and think about things that would have been a big eye roll for us.

 She helped our daughter through the entire process, from the research of schools, building her personal resume, challenging her to take on leadership, helping with the actual application and the essay.

She is excellent in helping kids generate creative writing ideas and helping them edit their essays. She is a true life line and worth every penny.


Our only regret is we may have started with her sooner!!”



attending Duke University

"Christina is fantastic! The summer before my senior year, I had no knowledge of the college admissions process. Christina helped me research and build a college list and map out tours to decide on which schools I would apply to. By fall, she helped me brainstorm, develop, and edit a unique personal statement, as well as fill out the rest of the application. She helped me utilize spaces of the Common Application to highlight every aspect of my academic, extracurricular, and personal achievements and end with the best product possible. Christina!"

She also guided me through the numerous supplemental essays and helped me leverage these to tailor my application to specific schools.

Christina consistently offered personal guidance and knowledgeable responses to the many (many) questions I asked.


I was admitted to 13 colleges and have accepted a spot in the Duke University, Class of 2025— I could not have done this without the help of Christina!"

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Christina Wright of CW College Counseling 

I take pleasure in thoroughly getting to know every student and establishing a strong connection with families. With my vast knowledge of colleges and universities, I identify the perfect institution for each individual. My clients have been admitted to all sorts of colleges and special programs: Ivy League, Big 10, Jesuit, BS/MD, BFA, and many more!

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Complete Acceptance List

My students have been accepted to more than 200 colleges and universities. You can view the entire list of schools here, along with my valuable insights about each one.

Click here for full list



What can my child do to improve their chances of getting into their dream college?

In my program, I help students learn how to maximize their academic and extracurricular opportunities for maximum impact, like leadership, to show those things because colleges want to see that you are making a positive impact in your school and community.


What factors should I consider when  choosing a college?

Every student has different factors to consider when choosing a college or university. In my program, I assist you in ranking the most critical aspects and determining whether they are public, private or both. Are they offering the majors that you're interested in? Do you value school spirit, such as having a football team? Whatever you're considering, there's probably a school out there that meets your needs, and I can help you find it. These are the factors you should consider when choosing where you'll be living for the next four years of your life.

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