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Her knowledge base is excellent. She did a fantastic job advising on the essay portions of the application.
We would highly recommend her!"

Parents of a student  class of 2024 attending  Boston University  Questrom School of Business

Comprehensive Program

My comprehensive counseling program is designed to provide maximum support and guidance for students and their parents throughout the college admissions process. Starting in their junior year and continuing through the end of their senior year, I offer unparalleled assistance at every step of the way.

I will be onboarding new clients who will graduate high school in May/June 2025, starting in January 2024. 


Please note:  I only work with a set number of students each cycle to ensure that I provide you with the highest quality of service. Secure your spot now!

cost for comprehensive program $3400

What's included:

Program Outline

*Insider's tutorial on the college admissions process. 

What happens when a college admissions officer reviews your application? What is the most important part of the application? What is less important? What is the role of each element in the process? I spent five years as an admissions officer at Marquette University, so I know the process inside and out.


*Conduct a thorough college search, finalizing the list at the end of the junior year.

First, the student will fill out my college search questionnaire which we will review together. Then, we will conduct several rounds of research to ensure they have safety, target, and reach schools. Also, I will ensure that the student can articulate several reasons why each school is on the list so the student can convincingly write the supplemental essays. 


*Discussion about standardized testing and advice on how many times to take the ACT and/or SAT. And whether or not to submit these scores at all!


*Insider's tutorial on the college application essays.

I impart my knowledge on the essays, providing insight on what admissions officers are looking for, and I tell the student my dos and don'ts. I also share sample essays with them so that they can see which stories make a real impact. 


*Brainstorming the main essay.

After the student has filled out my essay brainstorming questionnaire, we spend an entire meeting brainstorming the main (650-word) essay. I provide them with an outline and a due date for the first draft.


*Editing the main essay. 

The student shares their first draft as a Google Doc, and then we edit back-and-forth until it is perfect and best reflects the student. I allow unlimited rounds of edits. 


*Brainstorming and editing the additional essays.

Most colleges will require that the student write at least one additional essay. Although these essays may only be 200 words or fewer, they are just as important as the longer one. We will see if any schools have added essays this year; things change with each cycle.


*Filling out all applications.

Most colleges are on the Common App, but some schools still have their own applications. I help the student project manage the applications, and I ensure that they have completed them in a way that helps them shine. For instance, it's important to portray one's activities in a way that highlights commitment and leadership.


*Adhering to deadlines.

Most schools have different deadlines, so we will work together to ensure that the appropriate deadlines are met. 


*Ensuring that the right teachers are chosen for letters of recommendation, and ensuring that the teacher and counselor recommendations have been submitted.


*Ensuring that the transcripts and test scores have been sent. 


*Advice on making the best impression during admissions and/or alumni interviews.


*Scheduling and maximizing campus tours.

It has become increasingly important to show demonstrated interest by taking campus visits. 


*Advice on maximizing college fairs. 


*Assistance with finding scholarships as well as brainstorming and editing scholarship essays.Keep in mind that many colleges will award merit scholarships as part of the acceptance offer. 


*Advice on the deferral process and the wait-list.

Since there is an increasing number of students applying to college, deferrals are on the rise and wait-lists are growing. I help students craft letters of continued interest to increase their chances of admission if they are deferred or wait-listed. 


*Advice on where to attend


*And more, such as developments in the ever-changing world of college admissions: test-optional, legacy, Artificial Intelligence, etc. I am constantly reading about the state of college admissions and sharing my insights with my clients. 


What Clients Say

"Christina's assistance during the application process significantly reduced my stress; I could rely on her to answer my questions,

-Maya, Class of 2017, attending Carnegie Mellon University.

What Clients Say

"Christina helped me to get into NYU, which had been my dream school for years. With her continued guidance and feedback I was able to write a unique and professional essay that made me stand out from all of the other applicants. She helped me find a tutor for the ACT and she kept me focused on my end goal. Christina showed me the most important parts of the application and how to use my life experiences to show NYU who I am. Her guidance through the application process was the difference between acceptance and rejection. I would highly recommend working with Christina; she will help you every step of the way!"

- Sophia, Class of 2021, attending New York University (Early Decision)

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